So glad to see December on my calendar as November was a very busy time for me.  I ran 4 Christmas crafting workshops and attended 2 craft Fairs.  It was a lot of fun but quite exhausting planning and produce materials for them all.

So here we are on December 4th and I have just made my very last Christmas card for 2016.  It’s quite sad really as I love making Christmas cards (and I still have a lot of designs I wanted to make)  but the time has come to call it a day and actually starting writing them to friends and family.

I have worked out that I must have made over 115 cards and from them I have sorted out which are my favourite makes and which have been my most popular  ones with my customers and I have included them below.



This card was my second most popular card.  I made a second version when I gave the moose a ‘wobbly’ head. This card has proved popular on Pinterest too and at the time of writing my blog it has had 40 pins.

My absolute popular card has been the one below which has had, so far, 67 pins on Pinterest (which I’m very chuffed about).


So I feel I have had quite a successful time making my cards this year and now I’m looking forward to the New Year when I will be starting my next phase using some of the new stamps and die cuts from the new Spring/Summer Stampin Up catalogue.  Watch this space.

Jenny x

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